Can you take Texas LTC class online?

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LTC applicants must attend in-person or online training through an approved course provider. This concealed carry communication course is approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety and satisfies the classroom training requirement. Follow up with your local instructor to complete the scope portion of the firearms, of course. We have partnered with local certified instructors throughout Texas to help you complete this process.

Official online license approved by the Texas DPS to carry Class. Take the class at your own pace from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Start and stop as many times as necessary. Everyone must have a Texas license to carry, so they don't have to follow the restrictions and regulations that come with unlicensed transportation.

Upon completion of the class, the LTC-101 Certificate of Completion will be immediately available for download. To complete the shooting portion, simply bring the LTC101 training form that we send to ANY local LTC instructor in your area. This LTC online class is officially approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety and meets the 4-5 hour class requirement of the LTC standard class. Managed through videos divided into 15 to 20 minute segments, you can take the LTC class online at your own pace and in your own home from anywhere in Texas.

Schedule your fingerprint appointment and upload your entire LTC-101 to the Department of Public Safety. Whether you're in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, or El Paso, the online LTC class can be taken from anywhere in Texas. Demonstration of proficiency is the next step to earning your LTC after completing the online class. If you are not an approved online course provider through the State of Texas, you will not receive a Texas license to carry.

To have a Texas license, the instructor must be a Texas LTC instructor certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Getting a Texas license to carry provides you with benefits and protection from trespassing that you don't have when you're driving without a license. Don't be fooled by other companies that offer a license to carry or conceal a handgun license that are not Texas-approved online course providers.

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