Can you get a license to carry in texas online?

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It's the same class that's been taught in Texas for years, only now it's available online. Online concealed carry classes are finally legal in Texas. Take the first four hours of learning material required by the Texas DPS in the comfort of your home. You'll have the flexibility to go at your own pace, drop out of the course and return to where you left off, and the ability to review any lesson if you think you need more time to learn the material.

The owners and staff of Conceal Carry Academy hold strong moral values with the utmost integrity, dedication and knowledge. The material covered applies to anyone interested in firearms and reviews firearm safety, Texas law, federal law, de-escalation techniques, transportation methods, and more. For information on how to request and submit your license to carry an application with DPS, visit the How To section HERE. After the online class, the certificate can be brought to any Texas License to Carry instructor for the demonstration of proficiency.

The price of this service includes funds that support ongoing operations and improvements in Texas. Apply for your LTC File the required application for the Texas LTC with the Texas Department of Public Safety. It is your responsibility to research and understand local laws regarding handgun possession and carrying license. Certification Captain Danny Walker is certified by Texas GC 411,188 and GC 411,190 to administer the LTC online course.

The Texas Legislature and the Department of Public Safety have established the following competency requirements for obtaining a license to carry a firearm. For a complete list of the Texas Department of Public Safety eligibility requirements and their specific processing questions, visit the Texas Department of Public Safety website. This official training program is developed to meet the online licensing standards for teaching education in Texas. If you have any questions about processing your application, call the Texas DPS at 512-424-729. A firearm safety course is required for each person who wishes to apply for a Texas license to carry - Texas Concealed Carry.

Whether you're an experienced shooter or a first-time gun owner, this license to carry course will prepare you to carry a gun safely and responsibly. Getting a Texas  license to carry provides you with benefits and protection from trespassing that you don't have when you're driving without a license.

Training designed for those busy Americans looking for alternativeto the boring time-consuming firearms training of the past. At Conceal CarryAcademy we strive to make every student feel comfortable, safe, and confidentwhile at the same time learning and feeling good about exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. Join us and let us help you in yourjourney.

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