How much does a CHL class cost in Texas?

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An applicant can receive LTC online training (classroom only) through an approved online course provider that has been approved in Texas. Fortunately, the vendor and the company that ran my class coordinated their efforts and I was able to take my fingerprints at the same time and in the same place. If you are convicted of a Class A or B misdemeanor, which is a first DWI, then you are disqualified from qualifying for a CHL for 5 years. One part of the course should be classroom instruction and the other part should be scope instruction and a real demonstration by the applicant of the applicant's ability to use a gun safely and competently.

Because of this, some people choose to get their license where it's cheaper and restrictions on class time are lowest, or even just online. An approved online course provider will administer the classroom instruction portion of the firearms proficiency course in an online format. Once the class is finished, your certificate of completion, or LTC-101, will be immediately available for download. However, generally speaking, you'll usually pay to get the license, take some kind of class, and pay for your supplies.

Because the certificate is valid for 2 years, students can take the class and even the demonstration of proficiency at age 19 and can apply for the LTC with the certificate at age 21. After successfully passing the online classroom portion, the applicant must attend 1 to 2 hours of shooting instruction class and demonstrate proficiency with handguns (shooting) with a qualified Texas LTC instructor. When you have completed your LTC Class online and have your LTC101 handy, allow us to schedule your private basic rank proficiency and safety test portion of the LTC process.

Training designed for those busy Americans looking for alternativeto the boring time-consuming firearms training of the past. At Conceal CarryAcademy we strive to make every student feel comfortable, safe, and confidentwhile at the same time learning and feeling good about exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. Join us and let us help you in yourjourney.

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