How long is a Texas license to carry valid?

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Texas license to carry a gun is valid for four years. An initial CHL expires on the first birthday of the licensee after the fourth anniversary of the issuance of the license. In other words, an initial license is valid for four (years) and, in many cases, for a few additional months. All renewed licenses are valid for five (years).

As long as your license has not expired more than 12 months, you can renew it. If your license has expired more than 12 months, the DPS handgun license renewal system will not allow you to renew it. You will need to retake the class as a new applicant. Texas is a constitutional permitless or transportation state, which means that as long as you meet the following requirements, you can carry a concealed or open gun in a holster without needing a Texas concealed weapon license.

Check if you qualify for any discounts by consulting the Texas Concealed Weapons License Fee Program. Texas concealed gun licenses are issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety. You can visit the Texas Concealed Gun Licensing website here. Texas initial concealed gun licenses expire on the applicant's first birthday, occurring after the fourth anniversary of the date it was issued.

The processing time for new Texas concealed gun licenses is 60 to 180 days from the date they receive your application. To renew your Texas concealed weapons license, you must first complete a firearms proficiency course within 6 months prior to the renewal date of the application for the first or second renewal and the renewal application date or the previous renewal application date, for a third or later renewal. renewal, to ensure that the licensee is not required to complete the course more than once in a 10-year period. As far as we can tell, you are allowed to keep your Texas concealed weapon license if you move out of state, as long as you submit a change of address within 30 days of moving.

See details on how to change your address above. Texas does not allow you to transfer the concealed carry permit or license from another state to Texas. Must Apply for New Texas Concealed Weapon License. In general, all other records are confidential and not subject to mandatory disclosure, except that the applicant or licensee may receive a copy of the disclosable records upon request and payment of a reasonable fee.

I still recommend getting a concealed carry license that allows you to carry concealed in many other states. Guns were the only type of firearm that required a state license to carry them in most public places in Texas. If your handgun license says “Concealed Weapon License” instead of “License to Carry”, you DO NOT have to take a class again to renew your license. The price of this service includes funds that support ongoing operations and improvements in Texas.

There are certain public places where firearms are not allowed, even under constitutional carrying, unless you are a licensed police officer. Upon request from a local law enforcement agency, the Department will notify the agency of licenses that have been issued to license holders residing in the county in which the agency is located. If you have a concealed weapons license, you cannot carry in a place of business that earns 51% or more of your income from the sale or service of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises. To renew a license, the licensee must submit additional application materials and an application fee to the Department, including a signed form confirming that they have received information about state law on the use of lethal force and places where it is illegal for a licensee to carry a weapon of fire.

If your license is lost or stolen, you must notify the Department of Public Safety within 30 days of the change of address.

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