What is needed for LTC in Texas?

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You must be 21 years of age or older to apply for a Texas License to Carry (LTC). You must have a valid government-issued identification card, such as a Texas or other state driver's license. You must meet all the requirements to purchase a gun. Read on for details on Texas constitutional carry, how to get your LTC, and why it's such a good idea to have a license in the first place.

The LTC-101 will need to be taken to any instructor with a transport license for the demonstration of proficiency. The cost of the course may vary by instructor and is independent of the fee you pay to the state to process your LTC. That means if you want extra freedom where you can carry, even in other states, you'll definitely need an LTC. After completing the online part, the student must meet with any LTC instructor for the shooting part.

This includes DPS discounts for the application fee, as well as Online Texas LTC discounts for the class itself. Continue below for details on the LTC application process, including all the steps and training required for the LTC. Not all states offer reciprocity, but those that do will allow you to carry your firearm while in that state, as long as you have a valid Texas LTC. Yes, signs 30,06 and 30,07 that prohibit LTC holders from running a business will continue to be published and in effect.

There are places where you can carry your firearm only if you have a valid Texas LTC; if you don't have an LTC and you carry it under HB 1927, you won't be allowed to carry in some areas. One of the best reasons to have a valid Texas LTC, in addition to the ability to transport at additional locations within the state of Texas, is reciprocity. Basically, as long as you're legally allowed to own a firearm under state or federal law, you take a short course taught by a state-licensed LTC instructor and do some paperwork. An applicant can attend LTC classroom training and demonstrate handgun proficiency (shooting) with a qualified LTC instructor from Texas, or.

In general, if you can buy a gun at a gun store, you're more than likely to be able to receive a Texas LTC.

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