Can you get a license to carry in texas with a misdemeanor?

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If you have been convicted of two or more alcohol- or drug-related misdemeanors in the past 10 years, you may not be eligible. In the state of Texas, you will not be awarded an LTC if you have been convicted of a class A or B misdemeanor in the past 5 years. This means that if you have a DWI (a Class B misdemeanor) less than 5 years ago, you will not be allowed to get your LTC. Charges dismissed after probation or deferred adjudication count as a conviction in this situation, so the 5-year waiting rule continues to apply.

Crimes that have been eliminated, annulled, or otherwise voided do not prohibit someone from obtaining an LTC in Texas. Many dismissed cases or Class C mis deferred adjudication offenses are eligible for expungement in Texas. It is strongly recommended that you remove your criminal record before you apply for an LTC. HB 1927 (commonly known as the constitutional gun carrying bill) will allow legally eligible gun owners 21 and older to carry their firearms without a Texas Carrying License (“LTC”).

The information does not replace or replace the advice or representation of a licensed attorney. Article 1, § 23 of the Texas Constitution protects the right to bear arms for lawful self-defense, and also gives the state the power to regulate the carrying of weapons in order to prevent crime. If you have a criminal record in Texas, make sure you get a criminal record expungement or a record stamp before you apply for an LTC. Chapter 411, Subchapter H of the Texas Government Code states that an LTC request can be denied if the applicant is ultimately found to be in arrears in his or her child support obligations.

However, it is still a crime in Texas to purposely display a gun in a public place, in full view of another person, unless the gun is holstered. Texas has very specific guidelines regarding the requirements for obtaining a license to carry a firearm. Still, Texas GC Section 411,1711 says that cases that are dismissed after deferred adjudication probation will prohibit the person from obtaining an LTC, except when ten (years or more) have passed since the date of the deferral order. If you are trying to obtain a license to carry a gun (LTC) in the state of Texas, you will need important information before starting the process.

If you think you are eligible for an LTC in Texas, you can start by filing an online application. It is also a crime for a licensee to openly carry a handgun (even in a holster) on the premises of any higher education institution that has prohibited carrying open weapons and has issued appropriate notices. Diagnosis in the preceding five-year period by a licensed physician that the person is dependent on alcohol, a controlled substance, or a similar substance; or. Sections 30, 06 and 30, 07 of the Texas Penal Code allow landlords to use signs to prohibit licensed individuals from carrying firearms on property.

A private property owner may need to place several signs to prohibit both unlicensed and licensed transportation. If you are convicted of a class A or class B misdemeanor, your license will remain suspended and you will only be able to reapply for a new LTC when you return to the initial eligibility requirements.

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