Can you take license to carry class online in Texas?

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Take the class at your own pace from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Start and stop as many times as necessary. An applicant can receive LTC online training (classroom only) through an approved online course provider. After successfully passing the online classroom portion, the applicant must attend 1 to 2 hours of shooting instruction class and demonstrate proficiency with handguns (shooting) with a qualified Texas LTC instructor.

If you are not an approved online course provider through the State of Texas, you will not receive a Texas license to carry. Even with the passage of Texas HB 1927, which allows the permissionless transportation of a handgun in Texas, most people still choose to obtain a carrying license. If you're not sure where to go for them to do so, Conceal Carry Academy has partnered with LTC instructors, shooting ranges, and gun stores across Texas to help you complete the proficiency demonstration. An applicant can attend LTC classroom training and demonstrate handgun proficiency (shooting) with a qualified LTC instructor from Texas, or.

Whether you're in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, or El Paso, the online LTC class can be taken from anywhere in Texas. Whether you're an experienced shooter or a first-time gun owner, this license to carry course will prepare you to carry a gun safely and responsibly. Don't be fooled by other companies that offer a license to carry or conceal a handgun license that are not Texas-approved online course providers.

Demonstration of proficiency is the next step to earning your LTC after completing the online class. One part of the course should be classroom instruction and the other part should be scope instruction and a real demonstration by the applicant of the applicant's ability to use a gun safely and competently. Getting a Texas transportation license provides you with benefits and protection from trespassing that you don't have when you're driving without a license.

Training designed for those busy Americans looking for alternativeto the boring time-consuming firearms training of the past. At Conceal CarryAcademy we strive to make every student feel comfortable, safe, and confidentwhile at the same time learning and feeling good about exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. Join us and let us help you in yourjourney.

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