What states acknowledge Texas license to carry?

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Reciprocity of other states with Arkansas (transportation without a permit, at least 18 years old), Idaho (transportation without a permit, at least 18 years old), Indiana (transportation without a permit, at least 18 years old), Mississippi (transportation without a permit, at least 18 years old), Montana (transportation without a permit, at least 18 years old). In many cases, a state will recognize a license to carry issued in another state, but not always. Whether or not an LTC you have in Texas is valid in another state depends on what applies reciprocally. To give you a better idea of what applies when it comes to mutual recognition of LTC, here's a summary of the states that have concealed carry reciprocity with Texas and some related facts you'll want to know, presented by Online LTC firearms education professionals, where you should turn when you want to take an LTC class.

It is legal to possess a concealed firearm for self-defense or other lawful purposes within a private mode of transportation, without a license, if the firearm is securely enclosed or is not easily accessible for immediate use. Anyone who holds a current and valid Texas license to carry is exempt from completing a background check, even when purchasing from a federally licensed gun dealer. Still, when it comes specifically to Texas LTC requirements, there are some strong laws worth reviewing. Texas is considered a “hybrid state,” which means there are online and in-person certification classes available to purchase a concealed carry license.

If you're traveling across state lines and want to carry your gun with you, it's normal to be nervous about Texas LTC reciprocity laws. The Texas Labor Code, section 52.061, allows licensed individuals to keep their gun concealed and locked in their car. For example, in Wisconsin, LTCs issued by Texas are recognized, but Wisconsin LTCs are not recognized by Texas. CC licenses are available on the Texas DPS website, and active military personnel can purchase theirs at half price.

Individuals who provide evidence of sufficient experience with a firearm through participation in an organized shooting competition may consider this to apply to the training required to acquire a CC license. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department offers a FAQ page about hunter safety education courses that must be completed by any hunter born on September 2, 1971 or later. Individuals with an existing license can log in through the Texas DPS portal and complete an online renewal form. Mark Thiessen is an aggressive trial lawyer best known for his devotion to justice for his clients and his high rank as a DWI Super Lawyer in Texas.

Reciprocity laws and other gun-related regulations are subject to change, so be sure to visit the regularly updated Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) website for updated information.

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